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We can help you start and setup correctly from the beginning or work to supplement your existing staff and infrastructure. No matter what the issue, BizTech will work to help you.

Cloud Computing

Keep your servers and data in the cloud, don’t worry about equipment and power consumption, move your technology to the cloud instead.


Setup and secure your infrastructure with advanced firewalls, computer encryptions and anti-viral software.


Use your phone as a second office, syncing up all of your current emails, appointments, contacts and even phone calls.

Managed IT Services

Here at BizTech chances are if you’ve got something that plugs into the wall or connects to the internet we can probably work with it or fix it. However, here are a few of the specific services we offer!

Healthcare IT Services

The healthcare industry continues to increasingly rely on technology for the provision of patient care and business operations. However, most healthcare entities are not always able to keep up with the rapid changes in cyber security to protect their information, or other technological advancements. This leaves these entities open to cyber threats, which can violate their patients’ right to healthcare privacy and confidentiality. At Biztech, we specialize in   addressing these concerns through a varied approach. Our IT services include HIPAA compliance   services, cyber security services, IT management, network management, and a helpdesk for any other concerns or additional needs that you may have.

We work hard to ensure patient information is protected and kept safe, which in turn keeps our clients safe and protected. This enables healthcare experts like you to do your job more effectively – which in turn saves lives.

When you work with us, you’re protected.

VoIP Services

Are you looking to replace your company’s outdated PBX? With 3CX there is no need to worry about management and installation.

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